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Kuma Games presents a collection of free online war games to commemorate The War in the Pacific!

The Battle of Guadalcanal

Maneuver through the raging waters of Guadalcanal filled with Patrol Tornados engaged in a fast and furious attempt to down the Japanese Destroyer. It's naval attack and defend at its most thrilling as you navigate the treacherous waterway under a vicious hail of gunfire. A heart-stopping battlefield recreation that brings history to life in the Pacific!

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The Battle of Midway

It's World War II and the skies are on fire over the Pacific. Join the ranks of history's most celebrated dogfighters in "The Zero Killers," where you'll experience firsthand the Japanese Zero's aerial domination, or take to the skies in the ground-breaking American F6F Hellcat. Feel its unparalleled speed... and insatiable appetite for the Japanese Zero!

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The Battle of Iwo Jima

As a Marine warrior your task is to single-handedly take out the enemies on Iwo Jima armed with one devastating weapon - a nasty modification of an m1919 called the "Stinger". With comrades to save along the way you'll rise against the enemy and against all odds inside the true story of one of the bloodiest ground battles in history!

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