Kuma\War's new game release runs an eerie parallel to this week's headline news. In Afghanistan, a key offensive against Taliban strongholds begins... and an American soldier is captured by the Taliban. Kuma\War Episode 99, originally designed for the USAF, depicts Taliban forces in Afghanistan close in on capturing American forces after downing their aircraft.

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For the first time in the eight year-long war in Afghanistan, a U.S. soldier has been kidnapped and held captive by the enemy. While the Taliban publically debates its course of action by promising a video with specific demands, the fate of the unnamed Marine hangs in the balance. We at Kuma, along with the nation and the world, pray for his safe return.

As tribute to this soldier and the brave soldiers before him who have suffered an uncertain future at the hands of their captors, we announce this week’s release. Kuma\War Episode 99 is a fictional account of a United States Air Force squadron who face capture or death at the hands of Afghan insurgents closing in on their downed aircraft.

Originally developed for the USAF, the game is a co-op mission that requires players to communicate and work as a single, stealthy entity in order to save their troops. Mirroring what would occur in the real-world situation, players must administer health to their wounded comrades and quickly escort them to safety before they’re discovered and captured or killed by enemy forces.

It’s our hope that this game episode, like every Kuma recreation, offers a first-hand view into yet another astonishing but true battlefield situation. And may we all leave the game with a greater appreciation for the perils faced by soldiers everywhere, every day, fighting the global War on Terror.